Replay: Lakers Late Night vs. San Antonio

Look, folks. I know you're used to a super high tech show, something straight out of the James Cameron playbook, where Andy looks like one of those blue people from Avatar. Well, today you get something a little more raw. Real. Visceral.

Which should be fine, given the elevated mood of Lakers fans after the purple and gold black-and-blue'd San Antonio Sunday afternoon deep in the heart of Texas.

In today's episode of Lakers Late Night- once we know we're actually broadcasting- Andy and I break down the big win, starting with a great defensive showing led by Andrew Bynum. From there, we talk about the return of L.A.'s swagger as a team, excellent ball movement, what today's showing does and doesn't mean looking forward to a potential playoff matchup with San Antonio, where the Lakers could finish on the playoff ladder, and more.

I just wish someone had told me about my wayward collar.