Lakers 139, Suns 137 (3OT): Postgame videos

Lamar Odom was arguably the player of the game for the Lakers, but as Brian noted in the postgame analysis, the foul he committed against Channing Frye with 1.1 seconds left in the first overtime was a doozy. Despite the victorious outcome and the "instant classic" vibe, when asked what he'll remember about this game in 5-10 years, LO immediately cited that personal:

"I will remember the foul call. I always tell you guys basketball is a humbling experience. Because I can think about throughout the game, ‘Yeah, I’m playing good. I’m having a good one.’ And then, right before you know it, I’m the dope. You know what I'm saying?"

Odom then talked about the difficulty of shaking off such a mistake and keeping his head in the game:

"We always talk about being humbled as a player. It’s something I always tell my wife. It’s a little difficult to understand the whole mentality of a sportsman. We get humbled in front, not just the people in the arena [but] the people at home [watching on TV]. I’m talking about millions of people. Sometimes it can be hard to shake off, but you have to. That’s what makes us tough. We love to compete. We love the odds against us as sportsmen."

Click below the jump for videos of Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Pau Gasol and Matt Barnes.

For what it's worth to LO, Kobe Bryant has his back. As far as The Mamba's concerned, assuming Lamar qualifies with 34 games as a starter under his belt, he's the Sixth Man of the Year, hands down.

Pau Gasol, on the win and the fatigue factor:

Phil Jackson (along with the K Bros) thought this was the best Matt Barnes has looked since returning from knee surgery, and the small forward agreed. Matt also had a great line about Artest's biceps smooch: "Go tell him not to do it. Whoever's crazy enough to tell him not to do it, have fun."

And as the saying goes, the best is saved for last. Ron Artest, on everything from the win to his biceps kisses to Bob Arum to his feeling the win was "destiny." This being Ron-Ron, "rare form" is a very high standard to reach, but it's nonetheless some quality stream of consciousness. I highly recommend a listen.