Arash Markazi on Brian Shaw

If you haven't already, take the time to check out the moving feature on Brian Shaw authored by ESPNLA.com's Arash Markazi. Shaw has seen a great deal of success in his life, but the summer of 1993, in which he lost his mother, father and sister in a car accident, was one of inexplicable tragedy.

"It's a summer," Shaw said, "I want to forget.":

... For the past 18 years, his memory has been healing and haunting, constantly reminding him of those he loved and suddenly lost. Toward the end of the summer Shaw wishes he could forget, he went though his family's drawers and closets for clothes he could give to those in need. It was something his mother would have wanted him to do after all those summers of giving the clothes off their backs in Guyana. As he went through their belongings, his senses were sent into overdrive. His mind flashed back to events he experienced with them in each outfit as their smells filled the air. "When I was in the closet getting stuff, they still had the scent of my father, mother and sister on some of their clothes," Shaw said. "So I kept a few things of theirs and put them in a garment bag and zipped it up. …

"Every once in a while if I'm missing them, I'll just go into the closet, unzip it, and put it up against my face and smell it. It still had their scent and smell." Nikki Shaw has come to expect summers to be particularly hard, especially in late June. She knows there will be a day that month when Brian will take out the bag he keeps his mother's jewelry in and lay the pieces across the bed, touching each one as if he's taking an accounting of them.

"I remember how my mother looked like when she had it on," Shaw said. "I do that every year during the summer time, and my wife reminded me of that last year. I didn't even notice that until she told me." Shaw doesn't wear any jewelry outside of his wedding ring and a diamond earring in his left ear, made from one of his mother's rings. "I wanted to keep her with me in some kind of way," he said...

Excellent work.