Mike Brown on Lopez Tonight

If you missed it, Mike Brown appeared on the always Lakers-friendly "Lopez Tonight" with George Lopez on Tuesday evening for a lively segment, another indication of how the new sheriff is a lot different than the old one. Phil Jackson appeared on talk shows as well, but almost never in his second stint with the team (the exception being a 2009 appearance with Conan O'Brien, while the rest of the team went on with Jimmy Kimmel). Mostly because he didn't want to, but also because he didn't have to. Brown, on the other hand, has a PR battle to fight as well as a basketball team to coach, which makes this kind of thing important.

It's not a criticism. Brown is introducing himself, establishing his personality and energy in a still-skeptical town, replacing a guy retiring to killer views atop coaching's Mt. Olympus. The extent he's able to do so successfully will have an impact on his working environment when training camp eventually rolls around.