Andrew Bynum reportedly caught parking in handicapped spaces

NBC Los Angeles has the details. It isn't the first time this sort of thing has come up, either.

Assuming it is Andrew Bynum and his car in the pictures you'll see in the link above, spending much time explaining why Bynum's actions should be condemned is unnecessary. NBC reports the fine for this sort of thing is about $350, likely not a problem for a guy who pulled in nearly $14 million last season, but the karmic and PR hits are far worse. Few violations of the law, particularly those relatively minor in scale, are so universal in their ability to offend, whether because of the high degree of laziness or the apparent sense of entitlement. Everyone thinks parking in the handicapped spot without a placard is wrong.

For Lakers fans, like the hit on J.J. Barea in Game 4 against the Mavs costing Bynum the first five games of what will be his seventh NBA season, it's another reason to question his maturity and judgment. Using this report to conclude a cold and callous heart beats inside L.A.'s young center would certainly be unfair, but this sort of thing can't be defended.

Certain things you just don't do.