The Triangle: What if the new CBA brings "Capmaggedon?"

If the owners have their way, the new CBA is unlikely to bring much good news for the Lakers, and as I noted last week, in such a scenario the Lakers need to do everything they can to maximize their chances of winning before hard cap provisions kick in. (If there's a salary can to kick down the road, get to kickin'!) In the newest installment of The Triangle, ESPNLA's Ramona Shelburne and 710 ESPN's Mark Willard join in to expand the conversation.

Among the topics of conversation:

  1. How should the Lakers prepare for a potential "Capmaggedon?"

  2. Long term, what changes about the way in which the Lakers operate?

  3. Should any sacrifice be made now to try and set things up for the NBA's new financial order?

  4. In the NFL, hard caps have resulted in many long-time stars of one team finishing their careers with another. Would a hard cap in the NBA increase Kobe Bryant's chances of ending his playing days in another city?