Metta World Peace to give extra exercise a chance (VIDEO)

As NBA camps opened Friday in the wake of a months long lockout, one major question facing every team in the league centered around player fitness. Specifically, which guys had any. The last time the NBA went through this process in '98-'99, scores of players arrived out of shape-- people still mock then-Cavs forward Shawn Kemp for the 34 extra pounds he carried back to Cleveland-- and the negative impact was one big reason quality of play suffered throughout the year.

Regarding Lakers, those of you picking Metta World Peace as the favorite for "First Player on the Team Admitting He's Out of Shape," please step up and claim your prize.

For more, check out the videos below. After detailing Mike Brown's emphasis on defense and his defensive principles throughout L.A.'s first practice of the year, World Peace explains what got him off the rails (simply put, he didn't think they'd start before Christmas) and what he'll need to do to get his body right. There's also some funny stuff in there about Metta's, um... short time on Dancing With the Stars.

I'll just say this: Hopefully he practices harder this year for the Lakers.

One more video below the jump...

World Peace on his health, more on fitness, and his DTWS stint.