PodKast: J.A. Adande on L.A.'s new composition, plus Six Degrees of Kobe's Shot Selection

Fun stuff on the newest edition of the show.

We entered the studio determined to avoid harping on this week's edition of the Kobe Bryant Shooting Controversy, but it's a tough thing to avoid. Want to talk about Andrew Bynum, where he's going, and whether he deserves a bigger role? Impossible without getting into Kobe. Pau Gasol's place in the pecking order? Certainly related to Kobe. How has Mike Brown done as Lakers head coach? Gonna have to talk Kobe.

So if you can't talk about the Lakers, what about non-basketball related topics? We test it by playing Six Degrees of Kobe's Shot Selection, i.e. The Kevin Bacon Game. (8:30)

After that bit of silliness, and a little actual analysis (13:30), we welcome ESPN.com's J.A. Adande (17:45). This week, he wrote a great feature addressing an issue fans have been talking about since the first time this year's Lakers squad took the floor-- namely the high number of American born white players on the roster. Five in all, as many as the team has had in over three decades.

With that starting point, we discuss not only what it means regarding the Lakers, but the interesting role of race and stereotypes in basketball, and how it compares to other sports.

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