Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Phoenix, plus postgame (Kobe) video

The Lakers, rather quietly, have put together wins in seven of their last nine games, running their record to 7-4 following a 99-83 win over the Phoenix Suns Tuesday night at Staples.

Among the highlights: Pau Gasol finished with 16 points and 12 rebounds, then spearheaded a killer defensive effort down the stretch, as the Lakers closed on a 16-1 run. Luke Walton came out of storage to play 26 important minutes, chipping in six points, eight rebounds, and three assists.

From there, it was all about Kobe Bryant. 48 points, on 18-of-31 shooting. 13 trips to the line, and yet another reminder of how much he loves sticking it to the Phoenix Suns. Needless to say, after tackling some of the issues above, we get into Kobe's prodigious night.

In-show video clips from Bryant and Mike Brown.

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That is not a flattering screen grab.

Postgame vid below, from Bryant, Brown, Pau Gasol, and Walton.

Kobe Bryant on his shooting, proving to people he can still produce, and whether it's sustainable in the long term (or as we call it in the show, the "Game of Chicken" clip):

Bryant on the nature of his scoring now vs. previous years, plus his competitive nature:

Bryant on his distaste for the Suns:

Mike Brown on the pick-and-roll defense against the Suns

Luke Walton on fears injuries might have ended his career and his current health

Pau Gasol on adjusting to his role this season