Lakers Late Night Replay vs Clippers, plus postgame video

Arash Markazi joins the fun following Saturday's 102-94 win for the Clippers over the Lakers at Staples.

It was an interesting night on a few levels. First, the Clippers dominated the boards, particularly the offensive glass. Given their relative positions statistically heading in (the Clippers at the bottom, the Lakers at the top), this was a surprise. Among the other topics of conversation:

  • Star-caliber performances from Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant, who notched his fourth straight game with 40-plus points. How did CP3 break down the Lakers? Where was Kobe getting his looks?

  • Third-quarter chippiness hints at a rivalry that could grow pretty intense given a little time and some context (a playoff series, for example).

  • Questions of fatigue. The Lakers played their 14th game since Christmas Day, including Friday night against the Cavs. The Clips, meanwhile, have had among the NBA's cushiest schedules, enjoying two days off before Saturday's tilt, only their ninth of the year.

  • The Lakers offense. Kobe has dominated, actually managing to improve on the 37.7 points a night he's posted over the previous six games (while shooting 50 percent on the nose), but as a whole, is it devolving?

  • Despite the big night from Paul, Darius Morris acquitted himself well in his third NBA game. Checking CP3 is burly work for anyone, let alone a rookie who could be playing his junior year at Michigan right now.

In-show vids from Mike Brown, Bryant, Gasol, and Darius Morris.

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More postgame video below, from Bryant, Morris, Gasol, and Brown.

Kobe Bryant on the Clippers' offensive rebounding prowess, and Chris Paul:

Kobe, on his offensive approach against the Clippers:

Bryant, on the work Morris did on Paul, where the Lakers failed defensively on CP3:

Mike Brown on the development of the entire offense:

Pau Gasol on the offensive rebounds allowed to the Clippers:

Gasol, on the way Paul affects issues like defensive rebounding:

Darius Morris, on guarding Chris Paul:

More from Morris on guarding Paul, and learning on the job: