Mike Brown wants the NBA to review Blake Griffin and "The Push"

In the time I've spent covering the NBA, it was the most polite four-plus minutes of questioning officials I've ever heard. (Perhaps because so much of that time was spent covering Phil Jackson) Nonetheless, Mike Brown made it very, very clear Sunday afternoon in El Segundo that, upon further review, he still thinks the shove Blake Griffin delivered to Darius Morris in the first quarter of Saturday's loss to the Clippers was a dangerous play, one worthy of a call that never came.

With that in mind, he'll be asking the league to review the tape.

While I got the feeling Brown probably wanted to tee off, he didn't, and once again he expressed regret at costing his team a point thanks to the T he earned after going ballistic on the bench. If Chuck Person didn't have the size of a left tackle, who knows where Brown would have ended up? (Other than, as he said with a smile this afternoon, "the shower.")

Apologies aside, I'm sure Brown's players appreciated the show of support, despite his repeated pleas to stay off the refs. They'd rather he stick up for his guys than let a play like Griffin's slide without reaction. From Kobe Bryant on down, the Lakers have been highly complimentary of Brown, expressing a desire to win for him. His reaction to Griffin's push is a good example why.