Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Dallas, plus postgame video

It wasn't much fun to watch, not until the end at least, but when it was over the Lakers had a three point win. Better to describe it that way than give the final score, because 73-70 just isn't appropriate for an NBA game.

This is what you get when two teams have played a combined 29 games over the course of about 22 days.

On tonight's show, we:

  • Break down a big fourth quarter for Derek Fisher. Not just because of that game winning 3-pointer, but the stuff coming before.

  • Get inside another tough night for the Lakers offense. Via postgame interviews, Fisher and Mike Brown explain why things simply aren't functioning the way they'd like. Because games have come so fast, the Lakers haven't had any full contact pratices since the start of the year. They're learning and installing on the fly, quite often during games. Obviously, it ain't ideal.

  • Pau Gasol had a tough night offensively, but played a huge role on Dirk Nowitzki at the other end. Through comments from Brown and Gasol, we examine Pau's work Monday against Dallas, and also the massive transition he's facing from last season to now.

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More postgame video below, from Brown, Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant, and Gasol...

Derek Fisher, on his game-winning shot:

Fisher, on the team being a work in progress:

Fisher, on winning ugly over Dallas:

Kobe Bryant on the win over Dallas, Derek Fisher, and defense:

Bryant, on the offensive issues and Lamar Odom:

Mike Brown, on the offensive issues and learning curve:

Brown, on Andrew Bynum adjusting to double teams:

Andrew Bynum, on seeing so many double teams:

Brown, on Pau Gasol's defense on Dirk Nowitzki:

Pau Gasol, on defense and his energy: