Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Milwaukee

A few days back, we noted the struggling Lakers were wading into dangerous waters kicking off a stretch of 11 roadies in 16 games, starting tonight in Milwaukee.

While we wouldn't have recommended it, they've apparently decided to forgo wading, and have instead cannonballed right on in. Bucks 100, Lakers 89.

Among the topics of conversation:

  • What does losing tonight mean looking forward?

  • A bad follow up to Wednesday's breakout game for Pau Gasol, who missed 12 of his 18 shots and simply couldn't find the range on a host of good looks. Offensively challenged as they are, the Lakers can't afford this sort of inefficiency from Pau.

  • Defensive meltdowns, fueled by turnovers, fueled by intense ball pressure from Milwaukee. Expect to see teams continue getting up in their collective grill until the Lakers learn to compensate with better spacing, ball, and player movement.

All of that, and some footage of a super angry deer.

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