Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Kings, plus postgame video

The Lakers made things interesting Friday night at Staples Center, but came away with the win, 115-107 over the Kings. Kobe Bryant was again mask-a-riffic, piling up 38 points on 13-of-24 from the floor. He was supported well by Andrew Bynum (19/15) and Pau Gasol (15/7/4) and a big 15 point night from Metta World Peace.

Now, we can all look forward to Sunday's game against Miami, which is basically what everyone was doing anyway, except now the clutter of another game in between has been removed.

Friday on Lakers Late Night, we hit on these things, and more, including:

  • A steadily improving offense for the Lakers. Can they continue the trend against the league's better teams?

  • Why Kobe ought to keep the mask. Apparently, the thing brings good fortune.

  • Mike Brown continuing to give his players more freedom offensively, something they appreciate.

  • L.A. vs. Miami. What do the Lakers need to do to win, and what would a victory mean?

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Click below for postgame video, from Brown, and Bryant...

Kobe, on the Heat:

Kobe, on LeBron James, and why he was yelling at LBJ in the All-Star Game:

Kobe, on the win over the Kings, the offense and rivals:

Brown, on the team's improvement offensively:

Brown, on the value of continuity:

Brown, on team growth and increased freedom:

Brown, on Miami:

Fisher, on how freedom in the offense helps them as a group:

Fisher, on the win over the Kings and the Heat