Ben Harper has cast his MVP vote

Over the last couple of seasons, we've been lucky enough to strike up a friendship with Grammy Award winning musician/die-hard Lakers fan Ben Harper. He's been a frequent guest on the podcast, talking hoops and music (including this really cool conversation about cover songs, and another about Marvin Gaye's iconic anthem) and we'll often get emails from him before, during and after games. Following the win over Miami Sunday afternoon, like a lot of Lakers loyalists, he was pretty fired up. This landed in my inbox, and for anyone looking to put into perspective the sort of season Kobe Bryant is having, Harper does a pretty good job:

"Today's Lakers is the team no one wants to face in a seven game series.

So lemme get this straight:

He gets his nose broken AND a concussion and STILL goes out and breaks Jordan's all time record of total points scored in all-star game history... mind you in the EXACT same number of all-star appearances, 14....THEN comes back not missing a game or practice and scores over 30 per game in the next 3 games whilst wearing a MASK still with a broken nose, all the while leading the league in scoring in his mid 30's!?