Jordan Hill active vs. Utah

With the final touches apparently being put on Derek Fisher's buyout in Houston, newly acquired forward/center Jordan Hill is no longer in post-trade limbo, and will suit up Sunday night for the Lakers at Staples against the Utah Jazz.

Notice I said "suit up," and not "play." Hill wasn't able to practice with the team Saturday while the Fisher situation was being resolved, so the coaching staff still hasn't had a chance to watch him play in any capacity other than whatever game film they've been provided, and Hill hasn't had the opportunity to run any of his new playbook. More importantly, though, the Lakers have a wide open spot in the rotation in which to insert him, with Josh McRoberts and Troy Murphy available behind Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. McRoberts has only recently started getting any burn after a long stretch of DNP's and garbage minutes, so there's little currently left over for Hill.

Hill is an active big around the basket, runs the floor well, rebounds, and will block a shot or two, but does nearly all his scoring around the rim and is pretty limited offensively. At some point he'll probably get an opportunity, it's just not likely to come right away.