PodKast w/Darius Soriano, Forum Blue and Gold: Sessions, Fisher, Del Negro

Sessions-mania is in full effect, even before his triumphant debut as a starter Friday against the Blazers! Ramon is officially the man of the hour, and we decided to get some thoughts on new point guard from our man Darius Soriano, head honcho of Forum Blue and Gold. From there, we hit on a few more topics. The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and there's a breakdown of talking points below.

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  • (2:00): Soriano expresses thoughts on how Sessions fits in with the Lakers, the adjustments necessary on behalf of both Kobe Bryant and his new backcourt mate to truly flourish together, and whether his presence could fuel a deep playoff run.

  • (16:00): With Soriano gone, we discuss a little further how much Sessions improve the team, and how he'll allow Kobe to play off ball more often, which will make games so much easier for The Mamba. For that matter, life should become less labored for Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol as well.

  • (17:50): What, if any impact, could come during the playoffs from Derek Fisher joining the Oklahoma City Thunder? BK and I debate how often Fish will be on the floor during the fourth quarter moments where he's become a postseason killer. (For what it's worth, Scott Brooks went out of his way to play the veteran in crunch-time during a double overtime win over the Wolves, despite Fisher missing nine of eleven shots.)

  • (26:30): The Clippers have hit the skids and reports are swirling about Vinny Del Negro having lost the team. Would it make sense to fire him now? On one hand, it could be very disruptive this late in the season. On the other, he's unlikely to return next season either way, so what do they have to lose?