Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Portland, plus postgame video

The "Ramon Sessions in the Starting Lineup Era" kicked off Friday night at Staples against the Portland Trail Blazers, and if one game is any indication it'll be mighty nice. 20 points and 11 assists, doing much of his damage in a dominant fourth quarter. Toss in great games from Andrew Bynum, Metta World Peace, and Matt Barnes, and it didn't matter Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol combined to shoot 10-of-31 from the floor.

It was still winner winner chicken dinner for the Lakers.

On tonight's show, we hit all the high points, including:

  • A fourth quarter in which Kobe took one shot, didn't have the ball in his hands much, and the Lakers still scored 32 points. What does it mean going forward to have another ball handler they can lean on down the stretch? Includes Mike Brown's postgame comments on the question.

  • Whether Sessions' run of quality play is sustainable.

  • All the fun L.A.'s newest PG has infused in the team, and how important a factor it is for fans and players alike.

All of this and more in a very lo-fi edition of Lakers Late Night. Postgame comments from Brown, Bryant, and Bynum are included in the show. Click below the jump for more from those guys, as well as postgame video of Sessions.

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Kobe Bryant on Sessions, ball movement, the developing offense, and Friday's win:

Mike Brown on Sessions, ball movement, and balance:

Mike Brown on the value of Sessions in the fourth quarter:

Mike Brown on the bench vs. Portland:

Ramon Sessions on the ball movement against Portland:

Andrew Bynum on the fun of playing pick-and-roll and dealing with double teams:

Bynum, on the offensive improvement of late