Mike Brown and Pau Gasol on Andrew Bynum, OKC

In the wake of Tuesday's benching, prompted by a ludicrous 3-point attempt in the third quarter and some truly ineffectual defense in the fourth, followed by bench behavior and postgame comments equally high on the immaturity scale, Andrew Bynum did not speak to the media Wednesday after practice.

While I'll guess the Lakers were happy to let him leave without a quote, it would have been nice for Bynum to answer questions. When combined with other red flags reflecting a healthy self-absorption, from his ejection/high five fest in Houston to "loafing around" in Washington, pumping music in the locker room in the first game following Derek Fisher's departure, and so on, and so on, they're not going away until he does.

Mike Brown did speak, answering questions at length about his decision to sit Bynum for most of the second half. So did Pau Gasol, all of which was summed up neatly in this high fallutin' news story. Rightly, Brown stood by his choices, but chose not to say much more about Bynum's behavior. Gasol, critical of Bynum Tuesday night, said the issue had been addressed.

So we'll wait until Thursday to see how Bynum responds, both verbally and on the court, where he hasn't cracked the 10 rebound barrier in five games. In the meantime, click on the videos below for everything Brown and Gasol, the only two people made available to the media, had to say both about Bynum, and Thursday's game against Oklahoma City.

Brown on the drama that comes with the Lakers, on their defense, and more on Drew:

Gasol, on Bynum:

Gasol on L.A. drama, Bynum:

Gasol, on Thursday's game, Fisher: