Ron Artest, on Kobe's sweet set up at home and shot count (video)

It's been a while since Ron Artest has provided some choice copy and I was beginning to worry the insanely quotable (pun intended) small forward may have been losing his touch. Or worse, was losing interest in this highly entertaining skill. Well, anxiety quelled, because last night's win over the Spurs provided not one, but two Ron Ron goodies.

First, his response to 710 ESPN's own Beto Duran about how good it felt to have Kobe Bryant stick around Staples Center for the game, despite not being able to participate. After all, some players just leave the building, and the man has some primo options at his fingertips.

"He could have easily went home and left. Left in that beautiful car and went to that beautiful home. Probably have some chef cook him hor d'oeuvres or something. He'll get his feet rubbed down or back massages or all type of things. But he stayed."

And when Vic "The Brick" Jacobs later mentioned the terrific ball movement and triangle adherence over the last two games, Artest smiled, then lobbied for imbalance and Iverson-ian offense:

"I'd still rather see Kobe take 45 shots."

Cue VTB laugh.