Lakers Late Night Replay, Game 5 vs. Denver (plus postgame video)

The Nuggets played Game 5 like their season depended on it (can't imagine why) and the Lakers played like they wanted one more view of the Rocky Mountains before next season.

As a result, there will be a Game 6 Thursday night in Denver. Lakers lose, 102-99 Tuesday at Staples Center.

On tonight's edition of Lakers Late Night, we get into a very disappointing loss, starting with ...

  • A befuddling lack of intensity early in the game.

  • Poor perimeter shooting, allowing Denver to collapse consistently on L.A.'s bigs in the paint and help take them out of the game. Which, in turn, seemed to take Andrew Bynum out of the game defensively.

  • A huge fourth quarter for Kobe Bryant, who found himself short on support.

  • The practical implications of losing Tuesday's game. Fair to say the Lakers did themselves no favors.

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Click below for postgame video from Bryant, Mike Brown, Bynum, Gasol, Jordan Hill, and more:

Kobe Bryant on the need for more contributions from the supporting cast:

Kobe, on the need for better outside shooting:

Kobe, on Andrew Bynum's comments about closeout games:

Kobe, on the impact of the team's offense on its defense, need to hit shots:

Kobe, on losing a chance to rest for OKC (good line on that) and his approach offensively, Q4 run:

Andrew Bynum on his comments about closeout games:

Bynum on his defense against Denver and Denver's defense:

Pau Gasol on the need to play better against Denver:

Gasol on Denver's pace and the need for improvement:

Gasol on the need to establish a better inside-game against Denver:

Jordan Hill on the Game 5 loss to Denver, Bynum and the inconsistent effort: