Lakers Late Night Replay, Game 4 vs. OKC plus postgame video

This is going to leave a mark.

Lakers lose, 103-100 and now trail 3-1 heading back to Oklahoma City for Monday's Game 5.

On tonight's show, we review the fourth quarter collapse, from a huge mistake down the stretch from Pau Gasol to a horrible 12 minutes of shooting for Kobe Bryant (2-of-10) to dominant play from Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. From there, we reflect on a season on the edge of extinction, and leaving the locker room tonight with a sense not just that this season is over, but that the era is done, too.

This band won't be touring much longer.

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Click below for video of Bryant, Ramon Sessions, Bynum, Gasol, and Metta World Peace.

Kobe Bryant on the Game 4 loss:

Kobe, more on the loss:

Pau Gasol on his critical turnover:

Gasol on Game 4:

Gasol on late game offensive problems:

Andrew Bynum on the Game 4 loss:

Bynum on OKC's strategy of fronting him in the post:

Metta World Peace on the breakdowns of execution and ball movement, and the Game 4 loss:

MWP on Kobe's shooting, their attempt to get back into the series:

Ramon Sessions on the loss: