PodKast: Pau Gasol trade rumors, trade scenarios, and conspiracy theories

Once the Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs, it took about 16 seconds for the Pau Gasol trade rumors to once again start swirling. A report stating Gasol's desire to land in Chicago -- one he denied -- was the first in what surely will be a flurry of "Pau-to-________" chatter this summer.

We start the show talking about this rumor (3:00), and how fans should look at every one of these reports with a critical eye. Information is rarely put out by "sources" without a reason.

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Next, we talk about a recent piece from ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard (Insider required), tossing out some hypothetical blockbusters, three of which involve Gasol or Andrew Bynum and returning stars from New Jersey, Atlanta, and Houston. (8:00) Are there big shakeups out there able to be realistically executed and also improving the team?

Finally, the Hornets won the NBA Draft Lottery Wednesday evening, and that means the conspiracy theorists who flock to the NBA like bees to flowers have something new to chew on. Is it possible the NBA rigged the outcome? (22:00)