PodKast: Jodie Meeks on being a Laker, his role, and shoe fetishes

Among other deficiencies last season, the Lakers lacked a legitimate backup shooting guard behind Kobe Bryant, reliable outside shooting, reliable bench bench scoring and young legs attached to a reasonably NBA-seasoned player. By agreeing to terms with Jodie Meeks, the Lakers have simultaneously addressed all four areas. Obviously, his presence pales by comparison to that of fellow newbies Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Antawn Jamison, but as Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller demonstrated during the 2012 Finals, the players around the edges of a roster often push a championship quest over the top. Hopefully, Meeks can follow suit for the Lakers.

The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and below is a breakdown of talking points.

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- (:55): Meeks explains why he chose the Lakers over other options. For many young players still establishing themselves, starting for a lesser team would feel more practical than coming off the bench in a title chase, but in this case, it wasn't a sticking point.

- (2:40): Having spent the first four seasons of his career guarding Kobe, Meeks now looks forward to learning from The Mamba as a teammate.

- (4:28): Meeks believes he's a better defender than his reputation. For that matter, he considers himself a more generally well-rounded player than his image as primarily a spot-up shooter.

- (8:50): The Lakers are a fairly brainy crew, which means Meeks, a former SEC All-American at Kentucky, should fit right in. The guard places a high value on keeping his brain active, but draws the line at Sudoko puzzles.

- (10:15): Seriously, Jodie. It's time to update your personal website.

-(10: 48): Meeks has a "shoe fetish." His words, not ours.

- (12:15): With Meeks gone, we break down his potential effect on the Lakers.