How the Lakers match up: Los Angeles Clippers

The Lakers aren't the only team in L.A. that has been busy this summer. The Clippers, despite working without a G.M. in the wake of Neil Olshey's leap to Portland, have also made a ton of moves, adding Lamar Odom, Grant Hill, Jamal Crawford and more. (Granted, only the purple and gold launched themselves into legitmate title contention.)

We've examined how the new-look Lakers match up with Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Miami, and Denver. In the latest installment, we bring in TrueHoop and Clipper Podcast co-host Kevin Arnovitz to break down this year's version of the Hallway Series. Video style, because words are old technology and we live on the cutting edge.

No surprise, there is unanimity in our little group that the Lakers are definitely the superior team, but (playoffs being all about matchups, after all) could the LAC give the LAL fits in a seven-game run?

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