PodKast: Chris Duhon on the Dwightmare, being a Laker, hooping with The Prez

When Dwight Howard arrived in L.A., he didn't show up alone. Point guard Chris Duhon (along with forward Earl Clark) also were part of the Lakers' haul, and the Dukie's presence makes for a potentially intriguing battle at backup point guard. Steve Blake is the incumbent, and I'm guessing the current favorite. Mike Brown stuck with the Maryland product through more thin than thick, which makes me believe the job is Blake's to lose. Then again, Brown's alternatives last season were limited to rookies Andrew Goudelock and Darius Morris, which tied his hands to a certain degree. A veteran like Duhon might do a better job pushing Blake, and perhaps even steal the gig. At the very least, he should make matters interesting.

The new Laker joined us in studio Monday. The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and a breakdown of talking points can be seen below.

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- (:36): Duhon relives his front row seat for "The Dwightmare." The situation was every bit as bizarre from a locker room perspective, and while players claimed otherwise at the time, Duhon admits it was a distraction for the team.

- (4:15): In the most recent "Sunday Conversation," Howard shared how trying to please everyone ultimately created a mess. As an Orlando teammate, Duhon sensed that instinct from Dwight, along with the center's desire to make one more playoff run with the Magic. Thus, the ill-fated decision to waive his early termination option.

- (7:22): What is the free agency process like in general, whether for superstars or a role player like Duhon?

- (12:36): Trade rumors and scenarios were swirling 24/7 during "The Dwightmare," with players like Duhon often mentioned with descriptors like "throw in," "filler," and "a bad contract Orlando will demand to move." The point guard took that chatter in stride, rather than personally.

- (13:30): Duhon discusses his role on the Lakers, and whether last season's 3-point shooting (a career-high 42 percent) is sustainable.

- (16:20): We discuss the dynamic of so many talented players on the same roster. In "superhero" terms, Kobe Bryant will probably the role of "Batman," with Howard a supremely talented "Robin," and Jodie Meeks "Aquaman."

- (19:37): As Duhon learned firsthand, President Obama will talk some trash on the basketball court.