Hits keep on coming for Lakers

Geez. Again?

It just keeps raining on the Los Angeles Lakers this season. Wednesday's news that Pau Gasol had indeed torn the facia in his right foot and will be out at least four weeks is just the latest cold front to blow through town.

From the jump it seems as if the Lakers have been snakebit. First Steve Blake stepped on a metal grate and punctured his foot right before camp, then Kobe Bryant hurt his foot and missed half the exhibition games, then Steve Nash broke his leg in the second game of the year, then Blake suffered an abdominal injury that kept him out for months.

Heck, the Lakers couldn't even hire a coach who was healthy as Mike D'Antoni was heavily medicated for his first two weeks on the job as he recovered from knee surgery.

By the time Gasol went down because of a hamstring injury, Jordan Hill was lost for the season because of a hip injury, Dwight Howard tore the labrum in his shoulder and Gasol suffered a concussion, Lakers fans had grown weary of injury news.

But the hits just keep on coming. So often, and so much so, that you almost have to laugh to keep from crying.

What makes this latest development so difficult to digest is that it comes at a time when the Lakers had finally started looking like the fearsome, overly-talented team people thought would roll through the league when it was first assembled over the summer. Their 92-83 win over the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night was one of their best of the season, and marked their sixth win in seven games.

But alas, there was no glow to bask in after the game. Just another ice bath of bad news.