League takes back Kobe Bryant technical foul

The NBA rescinded the technical foul assessed to Kobe Bryant in Monday's 119-108 loss to the Denver Nuggets, the Lakers announced Tuesday.

Bryant told reporters after the game that he was confident the technical foul -- which would have been his 14th on the season -- would be rescinded after speaking with referee Joey Crawford and coming to agreement that the tech was a result of a misunderstanding between Bryant and the official.

Even with the T being rescinded, Bryant's technical foul total for the season stands at 13. If Bryant reaches 16 techs on the season, he will receive a one-game suspension from the league. Should the Lakers reach the playoffs, his total will be reset.

Bryant has toed the technical foul line before, picking up 16 in 2010-11, 14 in 2009-10, 15 in 2007-08, 14 in 2006-07, 15 in 2005-06, and 14 in 2001-02.