Kobe and Cabbie

Our own Arash Markazi profiled the interesting and entertaining relationship between Kobe Bryant and Canadian cable TV personality Cabral "Cabbie" Richards. Over the last few years, Cabbie has managed to engage Kobe in a series of quasi-interviews playing well to Kobe's sense of humor.

There's some pretty funny stuff, all stemming from a meeting a few years back when Kobe "agreed" to let Cabbie stay in his guest house.

In the most recent installment, Kobe takes Cabbie into the helicopter he uses traveling back and forth to from his home in Newport to practices and games:

The "New Moon" lunch box is a great touch.

There are other quality installments of the series, with Cabbie always playing the dorky dufus, Kobe the biting-if-somewhat-accommodating-superstar. I like this one:

"That's more like a tent."

More in the series here ("You don't think I got pillows at my house?"), here, and here (Cabbie: "This is our limo." Kobe: "I'd better not see a bill for this."). There are others, too.

Incidentally, I've met Cabbie a couple times, and he's a good guy. Still, his explanation to Markazi about how he's managed to build this relationship with Bryant is great: "I don't know how I get the access I get. It probably helps that I'm Canadian," Cabbie said. "I'm not in his face all the time. I don't know how you Americans view us Canadians. We're kind of strange and I certainly don't represent most Canadians because I'm extremely strange."