Phil Jackson offers thoughts on Jim Buss

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson recently took a not-so-subtle shot at Jim Buss, the head of Los Angeles Lakers basketball operations.

"Jimmy Buss is a person that's vaulted into position through his inheritance, his father's position," Jackson said Sunday at the New Yorker festival in Manhattan. "I think he's coming to terms with one of the realities of this job. That's all I can offer."

Jackson is engaged to the Lakers' president, Jeanie Buss, but does not have the greatest relationship with her brother, Jim.

The two did not communicate much during Jackson's last season coaching the Lakers in 2010-2011.

Jackson reportedly took umbrage to the way Jim Buss handled the hiring of Mike D'Antoni two seasons ago. Jackson was under the impression the job was his to turn down.

ESPNLosAngeles.com's Arash Markazi contributed to this report.