More Sunday video: Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, and Jordan Farmar

More video from Sunday's practice...

Ron Artest spoke at length about L.A.'s changing attitude over the course of the season, and mistakes made in the team's collective outlook: "You can forget why you're here. Everything's so easy. It was so easy-- we played the right way at the beginning of the season. We have. It's not like for the whole season we've been playing bad. We did play that way, and the games were so easy. That was the conversations we had earlier. It's so easy, it's too easy," he said. "We kept saying that instead of "We have to get better."

Artest was asked if he thinks the season has gone by fast. At one point, yes. Now, though, things are moving at a pace he'd like to maintain. "It's at a good pace right now. I don't want it to move any faster because we've got a lot of work to do," he said. "I don't want it to be April yet."

He also delivered an interesting comment about how "easy" it was for Boston a couple years back during their title run.

Today's column from Dave McMenamin at ESPN Los Angeles.com provides additional perspective on Artest and the team. Click below for still more moving pictures...

Lamar Odom spoke about the different sort of mentality teams have during the year, and also the value of what the Andrew Bynum/Pau Gasol combination offers the team:

More from LO, on tonight's game against Golden State:

One funny moment from Odom didn't make it to video. As part of this weekend's Fan Jam, he and Artest will be attempting to set a world record for most free throws made by a tandem in 60 seconds. There's something in there about alternating shots and stuff, but that's more or less what it'll encompass. Odom shrugged when asked if they had developed a strategy- it's clearly something they'll tackle on-site- but smiled when Andy noted how success could add another layer of intimidation to their resumes. After all, how often do opposing teams face world record holders?

"There you go. And from Queens. The streets of Queens, in the Guinness Book of World Records," he smiled.

Always taking things back to the motherland.

Finally, Jordan Farmar said the team doesn't dwell on media questions about how the offense operates. It's a conversation they have, but not because we're asking the questions, he says: