Pau Gasol for three: One theory

As noted during the postgame report, the Lakers' final possession was... interesting. Pau Gasol for three, a failed attempt to tie things at 91. An unexpected wrinkle, considering Gasol ain't exactly the Spanish Dirk Nowitzki. Counting the most recent attempt, he's taken four treys this season, all bricked. He's only made one in seven tries since first donning a Laker uni. On a career, Pau's hit 22.2 percent from downtown, the banner season a 27.3 clip in 2007.

I, along with seemingly every other media member at Staples Center Sunday, assumed the actual plan broke down. Nope. PJ designed the play specifically for El Spaniard to gun from distance. The reasoning? In a nutshell, Pau would get a good look. You can count Gasol among the surprised masses.

Like I said, wacky stuff. Maybe I'm over-thinking things (certainly wouldn't be the first time), but given PJ's rep for occasionally using games to send messages or teach lessons, I wonder if the following point was being relayed:

Pau has 23 points on just 12 shots. He should have more, but you morons have jacked 21 three's, despite making only five and despite us being a lousy outside-shooting team to begin with. If this is the best way to guarantee Pau a touch, fine. It's ridiculous, but really no more so than bombing treys when your center is shooting 75-freakin'-percent. And all joking aside, is he really that much worse an option than you people at the moment?

Perhaps it's a stretch, but if nothing else, that's the message I'd like the players to receive. You can watch Pau discuss the sequence below the jump.