Fes didn't always start ahead of Kouf

Considering I wrote the following statement after the Lakers swept the Jazz...

    "There was a small smart of me genuinely sad to see my time with Kyrylo Fesenko end. He just makes me happy. I've never seen a player so awkward and clueless, yet beaming with 24/7 joy. I'm not convinced he's aware the Jazz lost the series. I don't even know how to classify Fesenko as a player. I just know I'm gonna miss him.

    I used to always say Slava Medvendenko was the most unintentionally entertaining player in NBA history. Even more than my man Von Wafer. I'm an unabashed Stanislav booster. But I'm starting to wonder if Fes has Slava beat. Very tough call, and either way, it's fitting Kyrylo is also from the Ukraine, because he's kind of the Bizarro-Slava. All bang and physicality (yet oddly gangly), with no touch whatsoever. The two, however, remain permanently linked by an obliviousness impossible to fake.

    I'm just happy I got to see both live, and in their primes."

How on Earth did this video escape me until five days after the series ended?

Better late than never, but still an inexcusable oversight on my part.