New PodKast: Zone D, Amare's revival, Bynum's future and a look to Game 4

People grieve in different ways. Some find a quiet corner of their house and shed a few tears. Others channel anger and sadness into a vigorous workout, sweating the pain away. Others still quilt or write haiku.

Andy and me? We head to the studio to record another edition of the Kamenetzky Brothers Land O'Lakers PodKast. The incredible specificity of it makes it tough for counselors to recommend this

strategy to the public generally, but it seems to work well for us. So when the Lakers dropped Game 3 Sunday night, we didn't pout but instead demanded people stay late at the office so we could indulge ourselves a little basketball chatter.

And so we could watch All Night's Jason Smith through the glass separating the two studios. (Go ahead and look at the man behind the curtain. He dares you...)

The show is all about Game 3, with a lookahead to Tuesday's Game 4. Topics include:

  • Steve Nash's self-service rhinoplasty, and why Andy thinks he's just as tough as America's favorite Canadian.

  • Amare Stoudemire's big-time bounce back. 42 points, including 18 free throws, plus 11 boards answered those who questioned his pride after Games 1 and 2 plus the huge contributions (and cactus elbows) of Robin Lopez (@7:30)

  • Too many fouls for the Lakers (13:25), plus the Phoenix zone, and why it befuddled the Lakers... or did the Lakers just befuddle themselves? (16:30)

  • Phil Jackson suggested Sunday night he might sit Andrew Bynum for Game 4. Today, he reconsidered. Good idea, or bad idea? (Read my written take here...) (22:10)

  • Does anything really change now that Phoenix is on the board? (28:00)

There are a few more subjects tossed in here and there, but those are the highlights. It's not quite nervous time yet (frankly, even if they lose Tuesday, I wouldn't worry until they dropped Game 5), but Lakers fans are certainly hoping to come back to L.A. with a chance to polish of the Suns.