New ESPN Los Angeles Kamenetzky Brothers Lakers PodKast

Happy New Year, Lakers fans! Hope everyone had a fun, safe celebration. And for the folks whose resolution was to listen more often to the ESPN Los Angeles Kamenetzky Brothers Lakers Podkast, never let be said we don't hook up those trying to better themselves. The K Brothers are quality human beings.

Here's what's on the ticket...

  • The Sacramento Bee's Sam Amick joins us to talk about the Kings, in town this evening for another showdown after last Saturday's double OT barn burner. The Kings struggle on the road and stud rookie Tyreke Evans may be sidelined with an ankle injury, making this a theoretical "Heavy Advantage: Lakers." Then again, Sacto is a spirited bunch and the hosts haven't played well enough lately to blow off any challenger, so let's hope that's minded come tip off. Having spent three seasons covering Ron Artest, Amick also brings some perspective on the concussed forward (likely to miss tonight's game), plus the unusual circumstances of his Christmas Day injury. (To just hear the interview, click here.)

  • Brian and I further discuss Ron Ron's stumble down the stairs, details of which weren't clarified much during a news conference. Not that the media didn't do its best to dig, of course, but Artest couldn't offer much way of memory. We debate how much the back story even matters, whether this is a "distraction" and what may have been in the boxes reportedly triggering the fall. Our apologies to Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • With all the hoopla over Andrew Bynum's poor December and the Lakers' recent muddy play, it's been easy to overlook how Lamar Odom is playing worse than last season (even though LO would be the first to confirm it). His rut gets analyzed.

  • Finally, despite what either Flavor Flav or Gregory Oras might claim, 911 is neither a joke nor appropriate for barhopping purposes.