Andrew Bynum talks about his knee (video)

There's more on Andrew Bynum and the significance of his knee injury growing worse in our postgame breakdown, but below is video of Bynum discussing the state of things after Game 4. Heading into Thursday's game, Phil Jackson expressed concern Drew might not be able to play. The first half was a labored go for Bynum, and in the second he was out of commission save 1:50 in the third quarter. Bynum said the issue was increased swelling, as opposed to pure pain, but this prevented him from being able to hold position, explode, react and do all the things he needs to on the court. The situation grew bad enough Drew was actually concerned he was "a liability," although the Lakers clearly were hurting without him as well.

On the plus side, Bynum expressed confidence two days of rest heading into Game 5 would help out. And he didn't even entertain the question of not playing. How much of the contest he can gut out remains to be seen, but I'd be very surprised if he didn't suit up.