Lakers 92, Bobcats 84: Postgame videos

Brian provided the postgame analysis. Here are the accompanying talkies.

Kobe Bryant talked about the six-game winning streak (over which he's not obsessing) and the upcoming road trip. There was also glowing praise for Andrew Bynum's 17 rebound/six block showing.

"He's doing a great job for us. After the All-Star break, he's doing a hell of a job for us defensively for us. Rebounding the ball. You couldn't ask him to do anything more."

Check out the videos of Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol and Shannon Brown below the jump.

This wasn't the prettiest of wins, but Jackson will take it. More time was spent discussing the health of Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes. Jackson acknowledged how brutally Fisher's arm was wrenched while tangled up with Kwame Brown, but expressed confidence regarding the NBA iron man's availability for Sunday against the Spurs.

"I think he'll be ready," said Jackson. "He's strong as an ox. He's got enough strength to probably hold it together."

In Barnes' case, however, Jackson's enthusiasm was more tempered. Jackson had every intention of playing the reserve, who'd been cleared for action. Unfortunately, Matt felt what Phil described as a "nerve irritation" while stretching out pregame. Barnes immediately knew something was wrong, and whatever delay accompanies his expected return remains to be seen.

"I don't know what to say about Matt," admitted Jackson. "I don't know when he's going to be ready or if. That was just one of those situations you don't like to see happen. "

Pau talked about the offensively stagnant win over the Bobcats, the roadie and Fisher's condition.

Shannon talked about the defense against Charlotte, Fisher's injury and the importance of Sunday's showdown in San Antonio.