GALAXY: Seedorf chances 'one in a million'

Clarence Seedorf, who is out of contract at AC Milan, has been training with the Galaxy though the team does not expect to sign him. Claudio Villa/Getty Images

CARSON -- The Galaxy's chances of signing Clarence Seedorf?

Bruce Arena quoted “Dumb and Dumber” when asked following the club's training session Thursday at Home Depot Center.

“When [Jim Carrey's character] asked, 'Do I have a chance?' the answer was one in a million. ... They say that's a chance.”

Seedorf, a 36-year-old Surinamese-born Dutch midfielder who is out of contract after a decade with AC Milan, has been training with the Galaxy this week, and his agent implied that there might be something more in L.A. than just a chance to get a little work in.

Seedorf is expected to sign with Rio de Janeiro giant Botafogo, and Arena, the Galaxy's head coach and general manager said he “is just in town, looking to train a little bit.”

Seedorf was not made available, but his agent, Deborah Martin, told Brazilian website Lancenet that the former Dutch national-teamer would make a decision on where he will play “soon, by Monday at the latest. ... I can say he is enjoying the time he's been spending in California. He has been enjoying training at L.A. Galaxy. But I can't say if that has anything to do with his future career decision.”

Arena was dismissive of the idea but acknowledged he'd like to have Seedorf on his roster.

“I'd be glad to sign him,” Arena said. “And if [Lionel] Messi walks through town, I would do the same” with him.

Galaxy captain Landon Donovan said it has been a treat to have the veteran of a World Cup and three European Championships in camp.

“It's been fun. He's a good player,” Donovan said. “You can tell even though he's not really fit, you can tell he knows how to play the game, so it's beeen fun for the guys and good for some of the young guys to seen how he moves and the things he does.”

Wouldn't it be nice to see him in a Galaxy uniform?

“Sure, sign him up,” Donovan said. “You going to pony up for him?”

Well, Landon, you make a lot more money than any of us media.

“I went through a divorce, man.”