First half of UCLA-Arizona ends with a streaker and a fight

TUCSON, Ariz. -- In one of the most bizarre sequences of the college football season, a streaker dressed as a referee ran on to the field just before halftime of the Arizona-UCLA game Thursday night and just as security detained him, a brawl between the teams broke out at midfield resulting in the ejection of two players.

The streaker snuck on to the field unnoticed coming out of a timeout because he was dressed as a referee. He then started running around on the field, ripping off his tearaway clothes as he ran. Security eventually tackled and handcuffed him, but while he diverted attention, players became engaged in a shoving match.

UCLA receiver Taylor Embree and Arizona defensive back Shaquille Richardson were ejected for starting the bench-clearing melee, but dozens of players from both team were pushing, shoving one another all over the field.

Arizona had a 42-7 lead at halftime.