USC might use spread offense in 2011

As spread offenses have revolutionized college football in the last decade or so, USC had always staunchly refused to go with the tide, sticking with its two-back, pro-style offense.

Coach Lane Kiffin said that may be about to change. Due to scholarship limitations and a plethora of play makers, the Trojans might go to a spread offense in 2011. They already have started to dabble with elements of it -- like a no-huddle tempo -- this season.

"Look at what we have," Kiffin said. "We have a bunch of really good receivers and tight ends and backs. We don't have a fullback that's on our roster two months from now. We'll have to make the best of whatever we're dealt with."

The advantages are obvious. Oregon, USC's next opponent, leads the nation in total offense and scoring offense using its spread-option attack. Spread offenses have spread like wildfire throughout college football. The drawback is in recruiting, specifically quarterback recruiting. It's doubtful quarterback Matt Barkley would have committed to play for the Trojans if they had a spread offense two seasons ago, since NFL teams rarely employ spread attacks.