USC wins 4th straight Gauntlet title

By virtue of weekend victories over crosstown UCLA in both men's tennis and men's volleyball, USC has secured for the fourth consecutive year the Crosstown Gauntlet trophy the two schools annually compete to keep in their respective athletic headquarters.

The Trojans now have 62.5 points in the yearlong competition, five more than the 57.5 needed to guarantee the win. Five more head-to-head events between the schools are scheduled for this weekend and the Bruins could technically take away some of USC's current points with wins there, but USC has determined there is no scenario in which UCLA could get back enough to win the competition outright.

Before the Trojans' current four-run with the trophy, it had alternated back and forth annually since its inception. USC took it home the first year, in 2001-2002.

It used to be known as the Lexus Gauntlet until the car manufacturer's contract expired in 2009; the two schools now keep count on their own and compare numbers at regular intervals.