Phil Jackson on Andrew Bynum's recovery

Tuesday in El Segundo, we got a quick- and I do mean this literally- update from Andrew Bynum about his injured left Achilles tendon: He said he's about the same.

That means no meaningful running and jumping, which while not a huge part of my game tend to be more important at the NBA level. Asked if he thought Bynum would return in the regular season, Phil Jackson said they're not going to worry about pinning a date on his return, like a tail on some sort of injury donkey.

"I'm just not holding my breath on a timetable," he said. "We just haven't been able to put a timetable on it. It's going to take some time, and we just don't know when (he'll be back). Obviously we'd like him to play a couple of games at the end of the regular season, but this morning I told him if that's not possible we'll take whatever we can get in the playoffs at that time."

It seems unlikely Bynum will play until next week, leaving him perhaps two games to get his sea legs back before the playoffs. It's also possible he doesn't suit up until the postseason begins. It's hard to say at this point. More from practice to come, but in the meantime, enjoy this clip of Phil talking about Bynum...