Saturday practice report

Your notes and quotes are located here for the day. Check back Sunday for our usual extra observations, but, in the meantime, here are two videos from after practice.


Trojans coach Lane Kiffin has had to deal with a good bit of adversity in his short time at USC, but the first-year coach seems hell-bent on putting the latest hardship -- last week's altercation between two players during a team conditioning session -- behind him. After Saturday's practice, he addressed that situation briefly but also focused on a great number of other minor issues he must solve, from getting an extended look at the squad's freshmen during Sunday's scrimmage to determing possible position changes for Simione Vehikite and Christian Thomas.

Hear Kiffin's thoughts on many facets of his team through four days of fall camp:


After Kiffin spoke Saturday, the two Trojans involved in the altercation -- fullback Stanley Havili and cornerback T.J. Bryant -- addressed the media in a rare group session. While Havili -- who returned to practice Saturday after a one-day absence -- seemed apologetic, he did not specifically apologiz for his actions as he did when he first spoke to the media about the incident earlier in the week.

Bryant acted normally and said the injury -- a broken left cheekbone -- did not cause him any pain. He said he begged Kiffin to let Havili back to practice because of how important the fullback is to the team. Here's video of a sunglasses-clad Bryant talking to the media: