Back to the future: kicking problems

USC’s kicking woes continued on Wednesday as Joe Houston missed three field goals inside of 40 yards without much of a rush from the defense to block the attempts. During Sunday’s scrimmage Houston and punter Jacob Harfman combined to miss two extra points and a short field goal. Kiffin said if the problems continue into the season, he will have to adjust his play-calling accordingly. Kiffin said he had to deal with a similar situation last year at Tennessee where kicker Daniel Lincoln missed three field goals against Alabama in a 12-10 loss in Tuscaloosa.

“I had to deal with that last year where we had a stint where we couldn’t make anything for instance in the Alabama game and we had to get into a different idea of going for it and playing three-down territory and knowing you were going for it,” he said. “Hopefully we won’t have that problem here.”