Kevin Martin: 'KD is my guy'

No one extended a warmer welcome to Kevin Martin when he arrived in Oklahoma City than Thunder star Kevin Durant.

And they remain good friends even after Martin's free-agent departure to Minnesota, which is why Martin bristles at the perception that he was taking a swipe at Durant when he spoke recently of his joy playing with his new team.

"It's a case of people making something out of nothing," Martin told ESPN.com on Wednesday. "KD is my guy and we've already talked, so he knows for sure that it wasn't a shot at him. Way too much respect for him."

On Sunday night, after scoring 30 points on just 12 shots in Minnesota's victory at Madison Square Garden over New York, Martin was quoted as saying: "This is such a fun team to play on. Nobody is trying to lead the league in scoring here."

Calling Durant someone he "loved playing with and more importantly a good friend," Martin said he and Durant cleared up any misunderstanding about the quote when they spoke this week. Since arriving in Minnesota, Martin has been known to tell teammates about trying to re-create the winning culture led by Durant that he experienced in OKC.

"Not even my style to mean [Sunday's statements] any other way," Martin said.

At shootaround Wednesday morning, Durant told local reporters in Oklahoma City: "I know K-Mart. He's not that type of guy."