Sources: Dealing Kings eye Jarrett Jack

The Sacramento Kings have already made one Trade Deadline Week deal.

But these are the new Kings.

So they want to make more.

lastname Jack

Sources close to the talks told ESPN.com that the Kings are in discussions with the Cleveland Cavaliers about a trade that would bring veteran point guard Jarrett Jack to Sacramento in exchange for Jason Thompson.

But sources stressed Wednesday night that the Cavs would likely go ahead with the trade only if they could find a third team willing to absorb Thompson's contract, which runs for two more guaranteed seasons after this one at nearly $12.5 million.

And that's why this deal had to be classified as a maybe entering the final 15 hours of trade season before the league's 3 p.m. ET buzzer.

ESPN.com reported Monday that the Kings were right there with the Brooklyn Nets at the front of the line for Jack, who has two guaranteed seasons left on his contract after this one valued at $12.6 million.

The Nets, though, ultimately decided to abandon their Jack pursuit when the Cavs told them they would only make the trade if they could find a third team willing to absorb the contract of Jason Terry. When Cleveland couldn't, Brooklyn would end up combining on the week's first transaction Wednesday with those same Sacramento Kings, sending Terry and Reggie Evans to the California capital in exchange for scoring guard Marcus Thornton.