Houston's aggressive summer plans

No team could use a stretch 4 more than Dwight Howard's Houston Rockets.

Yet you don't hear much about Houston when it comes to the latest on the Kevin Love front.

And here's why:

The Rockets, according to the latest personnel whispers out there, are focusing their efforts on figuring out how to acquire Carmelo Anthony, which would almost surely require them to find new homes via trade for Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik if Anthony indeed opts Monday to become a free agent July 1.

Word is Houston also has designs on trying to force its way onto LeBron James' radar should James indeed decide to consider leaving Miami for a new home.

There is no indication yet that James is seriously considering relocation. Leaving the Eastern Conference, furthermore, would appear to be a rather questionable strategy given the lack of obstacles Miami had in its way this season until the Heat's trip to the NBA Finals went awry.

Yet I'm told the uber-aggressive Rockets intend to do everything they can to work their way onto the short list of teams James might consider if he decides to end the South Beach phase of his career.

Say this much for the Rockets: Ambition is never the problem in Houston.