Booker joins Howard, Olynyk and Antetokounmpo on suspended list

When the NBA suspended Trevor Booker on Friday for taking a swipe at Roy Hibbert last weekend, Booker became the fourth player in the league who will be forced to sit out Opening Night ... or the first regular-season game they're healthy enough to play.

It's a list with no shortage of name recognition, either.

Utah's Booker joins Houston's Dwight Howard, Milwaukee's Giannis Antetokounmpo and Boston's Kelly Olynyk in the less-than-flattering club.

Here's the full breakdown:


The league announced Friday that Booker, to no one's surprise, would be forced to sit out one game after striking Hibbert in the face in a Jazz-Lakers exhibition game in Hawaii.

Lost Salary: $43,409


Four flagrant fouls during the 2014-15 playoffs clinched a one-game absence at the start of the new season for the Rockets' center.

Lost Salary: $203,267


Landed a one-game ban back in May for shoving Chicago's Mike Dunleavy in a playoff game.

Lost Salary: $17,763


Received a one-game suspension in late April for pulling Kevin Love's arm in a playoff game and leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers' power forward with a dislocated shoulder.

Lost Salary: $19,683