In final seconds, LeBron fares much better come playoff time

Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

What about the playoffs?

That was a popular question I received in the wake of Tuesday's post about how big-name shooters fare in the most stressful of circumstances ... on potential game-tying or go-ahead shots with five seconds or less left in regulation or overtime.

The numbers in those conditions were rather unkind to LeBron James, so we were urged to broaden the discussion to the postseason.

And LeBron has indeed fared much better in those races against the clock come playoff time.

Over the last 10 postseasons, dating to LeBron's first trip to the playoffs with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2006, he's made five game-tying or go-ahead shots in 14 attempts with five ticks or less to go.

That 35.7 percent success rate is much higher than the league's average (23.7 percent) in that span ... and better than triple his 10.6 percent reading (5-for-47) in the regular season for the past decade.

‎Over those last 10 postseasons, with an assist from my ESPN Stats & Info pal Justin Page, here's a list of the most active shooters in the final five seconds of a one-possession game:

Turns out only 10 players in the whole league have attempted five or more of such shots during this span: