Dolphins film review: Tannehill's five sacks

The undefeated Miami Dolphins (3-0) are off to a fast start. But perhaps the biggest issue in all three games has been poor pass protection.

Is it Miami’s offensive line? Is it quarterback Ryan Tannehill? What about the running backs and tight ends?

ESPN.com's Dolphins page took a hard look at the game film and broke down each of Miami’s five sacks allowed to the Atlanta Falcons. Here is what we found:

Sack No. 1: First quarter at 5:00 mark

Formation: Four receivers and one tight end

Analysis: In a spread formation, Tannehill has five seconds to throw and doesn’t pull the trigger. Miami left tackle Jonathan Martin eventually gets beat by Atlanta defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who hits Tannehill hard in the back. Tannehill also fumbles and shows poor ball security. That’s on the quarterback.

Blame game: Tannehill (one point)

Sack No. 2: Third quarter at 14:19 mark

Formation: Two receivers, one tight end and two running backs

Analysis: Tannehill does a play-action fake, but Miami rookie tight end Dion Sims whiffs on his assignment. Umenyiora gets another sack/fumble. This time, it's on Tannehill’s front side.

Blame game: Sims (one point)

Sack No. 3: Third quarter at 10:30 mark

Formation: Three receivers and one tight end

Analysis: Nothing goes right on this play. Tannehill runs into guard Richie Incognito and botches a poor play-action fake that fools no one on Atlanta’s defense. The Falcons bring a nickel blitz from the blindside that the Dolphins fail to pick up.

Blame game: Offensive line (one point)

Sack No. 4: Third quarter at 3:41 mark

Formation: Three receivers and one tight end

Analysis: The Falcons bring a middle linebacker blitz. Running back Daniel Thomas reads it properly but is steamrolled in the pocket and the linebacker gets an easy path to Tannehill for the sack.

Blame game: Thomas (one point)

Sack No. 5: Fourth quarter at 10:56 mark

Formation: Three receivers and one tight end

Analysis: The Falcons bring six players on third-and-7. Atlanta quickly collapses Miami’s pocket, as Thomas and guards Incognito and John Jerry are beat simultaneously.

Blame Game: Offensive line (half point) and Thomas (half point)

Total tally: Offensive line (1½ points), Thomas (1½ points), Sims (1 point), Tannehill (1 point)

There is plenty of blame to go around. The Dolphins must get their pass protection in synch before their next game against the undefeated New Orleans Saints (3-0) on “Monday Night Football.”